Why Support CoachArt?

Because 1.5 Million Children are diagnosed with Asthma in California every year. Let’s help them lead active and healthy lives.

Because Diabetes Type 2 is rising in Teens. At least one adolescent with diabetes can be found in one of every four classrooms.

Because 35,000 children are currently in treatment for cancer.

Because 74% of childhood cancer survivors have chronic illnesses. Let’s them give them something to smile about each day.

40% of childhood cancer survivors have severe illnesses or die from such illnesses.

Cancer treatments can affect a child’s growth, fertility, and endocrine system. Child survivors may be permanently immunologically suppressed.

Approximately ⅓ of those affected by a serious chronic illness develop depression. We strive to be a silver-lining in their cloud.

CoachArt is a non-profit organization offering free lessons in the arts and athletics to patients with chronic illnesses and their siblings, ages 5 – 18. We partner with talented volunteers and art and athletic programs to offer lessons in music, art, yoga, photography, dance, soccer — and more! CoachArt staff match each individual child with an experienced volunteer or program partner, who will provide 10-12 weeks of lessons. Students are also eligible to participate in special events, one day lessons,  club sports, and more.