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Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

Do you have an artistic or athletic hobby?
Will you teach it to a kid impacted by chronic illness?
Getting matched with a kid is easy (SEE THIS 1-MINUTE VIDEO).
You don’t have to be a professional to share your hobby or skill!

What does a CoachArt volunteer do?

Through our CoachArt Connect app, volunteers are matched with a young person based on similar interests (like painting, basketball, yoga, guitar, and more). The starting commitment is just four 1-hour lessons, either online or in person. CoachArt covers the cost of materials. And don’t worry… our team will help you feel confident and inspired to get your first lesson off the ground!

Start by filling out the volunteer registration below. For more info, see our Volunteer FAQ.

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Volunteer Training

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The CoachArt Connect app makes it easy and fast for volunteer coaches to get matched with kids — watch:

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"Jensen has really been a blessing. You can see the spark of joy back in Keagan's eyes. He hasn't played video games at all this week, just the guitar!"
CoachArt Mom
“Derek has made such a positive impact in our son's life. His outstanding coaching and encouragement have given Troy confidence not just in basketball but in all social situations.”
CoachArt Mom
"It’s great to see Luna being able to participate in activities that she enjoys. She can conserve her energy by being able to stay at home."
CoachArt Mom
"David has joint and bone pain all the time. CoachArt helps keep his mind off the struggles and teaches him skills he wouldn’t otherwise get to enjoy!"
CoachArt Mom
"CoachArt gives so much to parents as well. We are truly a team! We are forever grateful for CoachArt and all they do to enrich our lives."
CoachArt Mom
"It has been really amazing to see Brian grow as a person since I was paired with him in 2019. He seems to have become a lot more confident."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I love volunteering with CoachArt because I love connecting with each child. Being able to see them excited before each lesson makes the experience worth it."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I see this as a bidirectional support: I teach/coach something and at the same time she’s teaching/coaching me back."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I like that it’s only a 4-week commitment. I’m a busy working mom but want to give back and this is a great avenue to do so."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I like volunteering with CoachArt because it gives me perspective. I've enjoyed being an additional support system for my mentees and their families."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I love how many kiddos are available to learn something new! It’s been so fun and fulfilling to share the joy of art together.”
CoachArt Volunteer
"I enjoyed being able to share my passion for yoga with youth and create a space that they could share and be open in."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I feel like I am able to contribute positively to someone's life early on in their development, which hopefully will have a ripple effect on society."
CoachArt Volunteer
"Both of my own children were chronically ill. I wish this organization existed when they were young. Bringing joy to our kids is paramount to their well being."
CoachArt Volunteer
"I LOVE it! It’s very autonomous and leaves a lot of room for me to structure my lessons. This makes it so fun for my CoachArt kid."
CoachArt Volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

All prospective volunteers complete an online application and attend an online training where they learn about health and safety requirements of the program and are given tips for how to best work with CoachArt kids. Volunteers are required to pass a background check before they are matched in a lesson with a CoachArt kid. All regular CoachArt volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the program. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 17, you can participate in our Junior Volunteer program; find out more here.

Questions about our volunteer program?

Contact us and we’ll get back to you in 1 business day.