Did you know that by celebrating National High Five Day on April 19, you’re providing arts and athletics to kids impacted by chronic illness?

This year, our amazing friends at Highfive Technologies have agreed to donate $5 to CoachArt for every social media post on National High Five Day (up to the first 1,000) that uses the hashtag #CoachArtHigh5Challenge 

Will you give 5 virtual high-fives to spread the word?

The 5 steps of the #CoachArtHigh5Challenge

ONLY on National High Five Day – April 19, 2018

  1. Go to any social media platform
  2. Create any post about National High Five Day
  3. Tag 5 friends that you want to give a “virtual high five”
  4. Use the hashtag #CoachArtHigh5Challenge
  5. Give yourself a high-five – you just provided arts and athletics for kids impacted by chronic illness!

5 questions about CoachArt


Highfive Technologies donates $5 to CoachArt for every #CoachArtHigh5Challenge post

Q1.  Is CoachArt a real nonprofit?

A1: Yep! Since 2001, CoachArt has been a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides arts and athletics to kids impacted by chronic illness.

Q2. What do you actually do? 

A2. Kids with illnesses sign up and say what arts and athletics they want to learn, and we match them with volunteers who agree to do 8 one-on-one lessons. 

Q3. Do you have a video about it? 

A3. Of course! https://youtu.be/mDCF_btq3l4

Q4. Whoa this is cool, can I volunteer? 

A4. We’d be thrilled! We have a new online platform called CoachArt Connect that makes it easier than ever before. Start the process here: www.coachart.org/volunteer

Q5. How is this connected to National High Five Day? 

A5. CoachArt’s Executive Director, Greg Harrell-Edge, is actually one of the co-founders of National High Five Day. And we give the kids in our program TONS of high-fives.

Use the National High Five Day/#CoachArtHigh5Challenge Facebook frame! 

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