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The CoachArt Connect app has made it possible to scale the number of arts & athletics lessons provided by 3.5x since its launch in 2018.

20 million

But there are still 20 million kids with diagnoses that qualify for CoachArt.


Now by joining the Impact Investment Club, you’ll receive an Impact Report with the 1 unique student, activity type, volunteer coach and dates of the lessons you made possible.

Being a kid fighting a serious illness is tough enough.

But for the 20 million kids affected by chronic illness, that’s often just the tip of the iceberg.

Kids with serious diagnoses are often sheltered and isolated at home. Physical and financial barriers leave them without access to types of sports, arts, and creative programs that were formative for so many of us growing up. And many traditional organizations that go into children’s hospitals aren’t able to serve the majority of sick kids who are stuck at home.

So they miss out on just being a kid.

We believe technology can be used to scale impact.

We use the same type of tech that connects drivers and riders to connect a volunteer with an arts or athletics passion with a child impacted by chronic illness who wants to learn.

Our CoachArt Connect app makes it incredibly efficient for a volunteer with a passion to schedule online or in-person lessons with CoachArt parents so their child can shed the label of “sick kid” to replace it with a new label as an artist or an athlete.

But it takes one more person to make it happen — you.

Members of CoachArt’s Impact Investment Club fund the lesson materials and staff oversight needed to connect more children affected by chronic illnesses to the extracurricular activities, mentorship, and community they need for a full and happy life.

Invest in a child’s passion and opportunity. Change their life.

Help a child go from “sick kid” to


You invest

Each $19 monthly donation funds the average materials and staff oversight costs of 4 weeks of lessons for 1 student.


CoachArt connects

On the CoachArt Connect app, another child will get to schedule arts or athletics lessons with a volunteer coach.


We scale impact

We send you a monthly report with the unique student, activity type, volunteer coach and dates of the lessons you made possible.

“CoachArt gave me a lot of opportunities, I can do stuff that I can’t imagine I’d be able to do.”

Joshua, CoachArt student

Invest in impact

Invest in lessons for 1 child per month

Invest in lessons for 2 children per month

Invest in lessons for 5 children per month

Since 2018, CoachArt has rapidly scaled

the number of free arts and athletic lessons between our coaches and students, and the smiles on the faces of kids fighting some of life’s toughest battles.

CoachArt benefits kids in many different ways





Our “ROI” Promise To You

We don’t believe a donation is a “gift” — we believe it is an investment in making the world a better place. And our team’s job is to “return” impact on that investment that is efficient, transparent, inspiring, and grateful.

If you choose CoachArt as one of your impact investments, as your Return On Investment we commit to:

  • bringing smiles to each child in the program
  • reporting the unique impact you made possible each month
  • continuing to scale and grow our lesson hours
  • reporting the overall number of lesson hours each year
  • innovating on more efficient and effective ways to serve these kids