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What is the Creator-in-Residence Contest?

Last November, CoachArt expanded nationwide and started matching volunteers with arts or athletics skills into 1-on-1 lessons with kids affected by chronic illness who want to learn those skills. 

Now, an average of 21 matches are meeting online each day – but we want to keep growing this program more and more!

So we began a contest to find a Creator-In-Residence to visit CoachArt lessons, tell the inspiring stories of the kids and volunteers involved in them, and grow awareness for these programs. 

We’re thrilled to have 4 amazing finalists for the role, who have each created a 1-minute introductory video about themselves AND a 1-minute video about a CoachArt lesson they visited. 

Voting has closed. Follow us on social for when we announce the winner!

Zach Angeles

Name: Zach Angeles
City: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Arts/Athletics Hobbies: Portrait Painter & Karate Sensei
Who’s your favorite superhero? Superman
Art is… a megaphone. To help amplify our voices of creativity & communicate our vulnerability with the world.
What you’re favorite childhood TV show? Dexter’s Laboratory
Anything else you’d like to include!? My favorite color in the crayon box is Cerulean & I, too, am a teacher that loves to use art to practice wellness amongst all ages.

Ilya Chashchin

Name: Ilya Chashchin
City: Salmon, Idaho
Arts/Athletic hobbies: Piano, Hockey
Who’s your favorite superhero? Thor, the latest movies have been absolutely hilarious!
Art is… the continual struggle for perfection and the acceptance of the resulting imperfection.
Favorite childhood TV show: Tom and Jerry!
Anything else you’d like to include!? I love being a creative engineer and enjoy basically anything that has to do with computers!

Name: Mikey Greenblatt
City: Englewood NJ
Arts/Athletics Hobbies: Volleyball, Freestyle rapping, producing music, reading
Who’s your favorite superhero? Spiderman! I grew up near New York City and am always cheering for the hometown hero!
Art is… Fluid creativity.
Favorite childhood TV show? Spongebob (still my favorite TV show).
Anything else you’d like to include!? Here’s my favorite quote by one of my favorite mothers! “Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

Hannah So

Name: Hannah So
City: Atlanta, GA
Arts/Athletics Hobbies: Tennis, piano, miniature sculpting (if you want to see some of my work, visit @hannahsquishy on Instagram!)
Who’s your favorite superhero? My mom! Her hardworking, kind, empathetic nature is definitely something I aspire to.
Art is… the purest expression of life!
What’s your favorite childhood TV show? Hannah Montana
Anything else you’d like to include!? I’m so grateful and excited to be a part of this contest! CoachArt is such an amazing org that’s doing admirable work increasing accessibility + spreading the joy of art to kids. Thanks for considering me to be your next CIR!

The winner will be announced in early October – and start creating content after that! Join us then to follow their content!!

Voting has closed. Follow us on social for when we announce the winner!

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