Meet the winners of our “Lesson Swappers Award”

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Our coaches sometimes say they think they “get as much out of it” as the students do. Roxanne and Idan know the answer….

Studies say that 96% of people feel a deeper sense of purpose and joy after volunteering. 

(Big round of virtual applause of applause to all volunteers everywhere!)

So how are the benefits of being a student similar or different than the benefits of being a coach?

Allow us to introduce you to the stars of an inspiring story about exactly that. Meet CoachArt volunteer, Roxanne, and CoachArt student, Idan, otherwise known as the winners of our Lesson Swappers Award!

The student becomes the teacher, and vice versa

Meet Roxanne: the Coach-Turned-Student

A freelance artist from New York, Roxanne regularly seeks opportunities to support kids in her community. (Such a sweetheart!)

Between her creative career, a love of baking, a knack for needlework, and a hidden talent for hula hooping, she’s always been an arts-and-crafts kind of girl.

“I thought CoachArt would be a good fit for me because I have previous experience volunteering in a hospital with an ‘Arts in Medicine’ program,” Roxanne explains. “I was hoping to match with someone who wanted to learn arts and crafts!”

Idan: the Student-Turned-Coach

Idan (8) is an animal expert and artist-in-the-making from Connecticut. He adores getting artsy with Roxanne every week!

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Idan has had to adopt a day-to-day routine that looks a little different from those of his friends, classmates, and peers.

CoachArt offers an escape from the everyday. According to Idan’s mom, “He’s so excited to log on after a tough day navigating his illness. He can disconnect and focus on having fun!”

When Art Meets Animal Expertise

The CoachArt Connect app brought these two together around six months ago. They’ve been learning lots from each other ever since!

“Seeing Idan get excited about the animals in his animal encyclopedia has inspired our crafting together,” Roxanne smiles. “We’ve made animal puppets from recycled materials, as well as polymer clay animal sculptures!”

From ravens to river otters to African civets (we had to look that one up, too), Roxanne and Idan are crafting their way through the animal kingdom.

“I teach him about art, he teaches me about the animal kingdom.” Roxanne laughs.

Congratulations on your win, lesson swappers! We hope your CoachArt classes continue to be educational from both ends.

Pssst… donating has proven benefits too! 

Similarly, the reason that people make donations is to help others, but it turns out giving has proven benefits too! 

A 2006 study by the National Institute of Health found that donating releases enough endorphins to cause a “warm glow.”

If you choose to donate to support CoachArt’s 2023 Impact Fund, we promise 100% of your donation will go to lesson materials and volunteer management for matches like Roxanne & Idan… and we hope you get the “giver’s glow” too! 

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