Meet Our Most Enthusiastic Artists Possibly Ever!

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Let’s get deep. What is art, anyway?

In the pure words of painter Wynona Mulcaster, “Art is a language. It’s not a skill. It’s not a stunt. It’s not something that you just learn to do and put it down. It comes from the heart.”

Wise words, Wynona. We couldn’t be more on board!

Neither could CoachArt volunteer, Suhana. A data analyst living in Chicago, Suhana is no stranger to the therapeutic impact of artistic expression.

“I have always turned to art to cope with my own health issues,” she says. “I couldn’t think of anything more rewarding than helping others do the same.”

Brushstroke Breakthroughs

Suhana and her students—siblings Mackenzie, Denver, and DeWhite—are more than just a coach and a couple of kids. Together, they’re the unstoppable fun-tastic four!

Throughout their six months of painting lessons, Suhana and the sibs were all smiles. Suhana shares, “Working with Mackenzie, Denver, and DeWhite has been so much fun!”

While fun is an important fragment of the bigger picture at CoachArt, these budding artists made breakthrough after breakthrough with every brushstroke.

“I got to see them come out of their shells and grow as artists,” Suhana beamed. “It was wonderful to see them get more and more excited about art each week.”

And for that, we’re awarding this fun-lovin’ foursome a most acclaimed award: the Enthusiastic Artists Award!

Connections on and off the Canvas

In between making masterpieces, Suhana put together plans that taught the trio about all things art: the life of popular painters, the ins and outs of particular painting techniques, and a sprinkling of art throughout the ages!

But outside of these creative CoachArt classes, something stood out to Suhana.

“One experience that stood out to me was when Mackenzie excitedly told me about an artist she learned about in school. She wanted to know more about him and his paintings,” Suhana recalls.

“I quickly put together a lesson plan for the next week and she was thrilled,” Suhana smiles. “She was a shy and quiet kid when we first met, but she really came out of her shell as she got excited about learning and painting with me!”

Join us in applauding this gallery-worthy group and everything they’ve accomplished as Enthusiastic Artists this year. Suhana, Mackenzie, Denver, and DeWhite: you’ve stolen the (art) show!

Let’s keep the enthusiasm going!

Kids like Mackenzie, Denver and DeWhite count on donors like you to fund the lesson materials and volunteer management for their CoachArt lessons. 

The average program costs of 1 lesson for 1 student are $14. Will you fund more lessons in 2023? 

Two of our core beliefs for our supporters are transparency and specificity — so we’ll report on the exact lesson you made possible between a coach and a student! 

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