Meet the winners of our “Creative Concoctions Award”!

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At the peak of the pandemic, most of us were itching to get out of the house.

But for people like Taylor, a CoachArt volunteer with a compromised immune system, that wasn’t an option.

“I wanted to find a way to volunteer, but I needed to be careful because of my compromised immune system,” she explained. “I found CoachArt and before getting started, I realized what a wonderful opportunity this could be!”

A Match Baked in Heaven

A long-time lover of cooking and crafts, Taylor took her time to decide what she should teach to CoachArt kids.

(It’s hard to pick just one!)

“Arts and crafts, baking, and cooking have always been huge hobbies of mine,” Taylor told us. “It took me a while to decide!”

But once she narrowed down her niche, Taylor met her match: Zoe!

“Eventually I matched with Zoe, who had similar dietary restrictions as I did,” Taylor gushed.

We couldn’t have whipped up a better match if we tried!

Creativity in the kitchen

Between chronic illness and restricted diets, both Taylor and Zoe had no choice but to bring their creativity to the kitchen.

“We did a mix of baking and cooking,” Taylor explained. “But after a while of baking, we ran out of ideas.”

But that didn’t stop ‘em from exploring the other side of the kitchen: cooking!

“Finding recipes for our cooking class was fun and easy,” Taylor said with surprise. “Due to both of our dietary restrictions from chronic disease, we chose low-carb, sugar-free recipes.”

One of their favorites? Fruit pizza!

(Now that’s some serious sweetness in every slice.)

“Our fruit pizza was a pie-like crust made from almond flour, topped with frosting and sliced fruit,” Taylor described. “Zoe did an outstanding job! You’d never believe an eight-year-old made it from scratch.”

Enthusiatic Eaters

According to Taylor, kitchen time isn’t all fun and games. It requires incredible patience and laser focus, both of which Zoe brought to every lesson!

(But the fun and games were still there, too.)

“Zoe was always eager and excited to start each class,” Taylor smiled. “But she was also very focused, inspiring me to meet with her twice a week instead of once!”

We’re thrilled to congratulate these skilled chefs for their delicious accomplishment: winning our Creative Concoctions Award. Keep cookin’ up that creativity!

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