These Three Have Truly Taken Art to Heart!

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“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

Though uttered decades back by David Viscott, this powerful proverb guides CoachArt volunteer Shwetha in every decision she makes!

“I have always believed that the true meaning of life is to find your gift,” she shares, “and the purpose of life is to share it with others.”

(A little flipped from the first quote, but same difference, yeah?)

This passionate approach to the purpose of life is what’s earned Shwetha—along with her students, sisters Bipasha and Samiksha—the Taking Art to Heart Award!

How the Passion Was Planted (and Re-Planted)

As long as she can remember, Shwetha has loved to paint, draw, and craft. Now a twenty-something IT expert in California, she’s recently re-ignited the spark to her creative side.

“I have always been a very creative person,” she admits. “Exploring my creativity has always made me feel safe and secure.”

But somewhere along the way, between her busy career and the wonderful whirlwind of life, Shwetha had stepped back from answering those right-brained calls to create.

“A couple of years ago, life threw a curveball at me and it completely rattled me to the core,” she reveals. “So, I re-started painting and working on art projects again.”

When Worlds Collide

While prioritizing her creativity was the salve Shwetha’s soul craved, it wasn’t quite enough.

“Something was missing,” she explains. “I felt like my life was moving without any purpose and I couldn’t come out of the endless circle.”

Enter stage right: CoachArt!

The CoachArt community quickly became Shwetha’s second family.

In addition to her creative passions and pursuits, Shwetha’s heart has always held a soft spot for supporting underprivileged and underrepresented populations—especially children.

Through CoachArt, Shwetha’s been able to combine what she cares about most: creativity and children!

Take Art to Heart

Enter Bipasha, a young girl, born with many chronic health issues and challenges, and her younger sister, Samiksha. When she found out about CoachArt, it was a life changer for her and her sister. She got to learn so many things and meet so many amazing people and make long term relationships, all this was possible through CoachArt and the perfect child to coach match. It definitely made her feel heard and seen. Both the girls’ passions and interests was doing painting (Bipasha can not do many other activities due to her various challenges) and that is how they got matched with Shwetha and the rest is history!

Shwetha, Bipasha, and Samiksha have spent hours on hours on hours painting, mixing colors, and perfecting masterpieces.

In fact, you can count on this creative crew to lose track of time the moment they put paintbrushes in their hands!

After class one day, Bipasha mentioned to Shwetha that she wanted to pursue an art career because of what she learned during their lessons. (Can we get some tissues, over here?)

“I was so touched by the girls’ love and passion,” Shwetha smiles. “That felt like the best moment of my life!”

There couldn’t be a more talented trio that’s more deserving of our Taking Art to Heart Award. We’re rooting for all three of you in your every creative adventure!

Will you “plant more seeds” of arts and athletics passions?

All of the paint and easels (and the training from the CoachArt team) that these masterpieces possible were funded by people like you investing in these programs. 

The average program costs for 1 lesson are $14, but each lesson has the chance to spark an arts or athletics passion that could change the way a child affected by chronic illness defines themselves. 

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