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Amazing Gray and the Impact of Volunteering with CoachArt

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“I’m Gray. Or Amazing Gray. Or Captain Gray the Lord because I’m the captain of the pirate ship,” read Gray’s AMA Reddit post

Gray is pretty amazing. 

In Kindergarten, Grayson was diagnosed with rare brain cancer, he still shines through life with optimism, hope, and a lot of playfulness. Amazing doesn’t seem to hold all that Gray is in this world, or the light he brings into it. Everyone who meets is inspired by Gray’s energy. 

Including Joe. Gray and Joe became best buds after they were connected through CoachArt. Joe and Gray both loved to dance, and so their friendship began. CoachArt helped them connect with each other, but their bond and friendship show the true power of volunteering on both kids and the coaches. 

Why Volunteer with CoachArt 

Are you an artist or athlete? Do you have a hobby that you want to share? We have a wide range of lessons, from Book Publishing to Basketball, we connect volunteers with kids who share the same interests, so both can grow, learn, and inspire each other. 

Often, kids impacted by chronic illness are home due to doctor appointments and other limitations caused by their condition. CoachArt volunteers aim to bring some creativity and fun to the lives of kids with exciting courses and classes that are meant to inspire and connect. 

Like Joe, volunteering can open doors to creating a lasting relationship with an amazing kid. You don’t have to be a professional to share your passion or skill. Instead, come as you are with some insight into what you love to do.

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