Do you work in healthcare?

The CoachArt Healthcare Ambassador program is an innovative cross between a Board of Directors and a professional group of like-minded individuals.

Consisting of amazing individuals working throughout the healthcare sector nationwide, this group creates connections in the community and oversees the journey to grow the number of hospital partners, medical providers and social workers who are able to connect kids living with chronic illness to CoachArt’s free programs.

More about CoachArt and the CoachArt Connect app

Founded by SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie and philanthropic innovator Leah Bernthal in 2001, CoachArt matches volunteers with an arts or athletics skill to a kid impacted by chronic illness who wants to learn that skill. Since launching the CoachArt connect app in 2018, we have consistently leveraged this technology to increase the number of lesson hours and geographic locations we are able to serve. We still have a long way to go to serve the 12 million kids who qualify for this program nationwide.

Healthcare Ambassador role

To be a CoachArt Healthcare Ambassador, we ask that you:

  • Sign up for a 45-minute Interest/Onboarding Call with our Executive Director Greg
  • Attend quarterly Zoom meetings about the biggest curriculum and patient recruitment questions facing CoachArt (and answer our post-meeting advice survey)
  • Make a monthly donation of any size to our Healthcare Ambassadors Fund (and receive a quarterly report on how the funding is being used)
  • Bonus: add our “CoachArt Healthcare Ambassador” content to your LinkedIn profile

Other questions?

If you have any other questions or aren’t ready to sign up for a phone call at this time, please contact our Executive Director at

We’d be thrilled if you consider joining us on the journey to use technology to scale free arts and athletics programs to more kids impacted by chronic illness!