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What do I do if I am having trouble with the registration process?
  • If the email you are using doesn’t work to complete your application:
    • Make sure there are no spaces before your email address
    • Try a different email address
    • Contact if it’s still not working
  • If you don’t have a verification code:
    • Check your email inbox for an email encouraging you to continue registration. Your verification code should be in that email
    • Contact if you aren’t able to locate it.
  • If you forgot where you left off in the application process:
Who can participate in CoachArt activities?

CoachArt lessons are for children living with a chronic illness and/or their siblings, ages 5-18. Children must be able to work independently with a volunteer arts or athletics instructors. Siblings may participate in the program even if the chronically ill child in their family does not, and family income is not a consideration for eligibility. Children with behavioral, mental and brain development disorders do not qualify for CoachArt unless they also have an underlying chronic illness. See a list of qualifying diagnoses here. If you have questions about a child’s eligibility, please contact the CoachArt office or email

What types of illnesses do CoachArt children have?

CoachArt children have chronic, physical illnesses and conditions that require ongoing treatment. These are children living with arthritis, cancer, cerebral palsy, diabetes, heart disease, HIV, kidney failure, Spina Bifida, craniofacial anomalies and various orthopedic disabilities, among other conditions. See a list of qualifying diagnoses here. Not all chronic illnesses are accompanied by physical symptoms, and many times CoachArt kids look and act just like their healthy siblings. All chronically ill children who participate in our program receive a medical consent from their doctor before participating in any CoachArt lesson so that we can be aware of any special needs or limitations.

What type of activities are offered?

CoachArt volunteers teach lessons in music, tennis, painting, yoga, photography, golf, dance, cooking and more. All lesson options will be discussed during your initial orientation. Class options change frequently, so we recommend children list several choices on their application and CoachArt will make every effort to match the classes of their choice.

Are there any costs involved?

The CoachArt program is completely free for families! All materials needed for the lessons will be provided. We ask our coaches to cover the cost of their background check ($33.50) but a hardship waiver is available.

How do I enroll my child in the program?

Each student must complete an online or hard copy application before participating in the program (apply online in English or Spanish). Children with a chronic illness must also have their doctor sign a consent form. After CoachArt receives the completed application, we’ll send you a monthly e-newsletter with sign-ups for group lessons and we’ll send you text messages with in-home lesson opportunities.

Where and when do lessons take place?

CoachArt lessons take place both online and in the communities where children live. One-On-One Lessons can be a great opportunity for immunocompromised kids or for those who would benefit from individual attention; they can happen online or in the child’s home. Group Lessons and Clubs take place online or in community locations depending on the activity. Each CoachArt lesson is approximately one hour long, and can occur during the week or on weekends. CoachArt requires a parent or guardian to be on-site during the lessons.

How soon can my child start lessons?

Enrolling a child in CoachArt is a simple process but usually takes about a week to complete because we require your attendance at our New Family Orientation on Zoom. We have several orientation scheduling options each week. Once the enrollment is done,  your child becomes eligible to be matched with a volunteer coach for One-on-One lessons. Getting matched can take anywhere between 1-8 weeks depending on your location, availability, and preferences. All enrolled families are eligible to sign up for our group classes, called Clubs. Registration for these clubs occurs once a month.

How does CoachArt find lessons for my child?

CoachArt’s many talented volunteers teach lessons in a variety of activities. We also have partnerships with quality arts and athletics facilities. Our goal is to place each child in a class where they will feel confident and successful. We rely upon input from parents to help find the best lesson for their child. Based on the child’s interest, we make every effort to match each child with the class of their choice.

What if my child is not matched with a volunteer?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to find a lesson for every student in the program. For those we do not find a lesson for, we offer the opportunity to participate in one of our ongoing special events or one-day activities. To improve the chances of identifying a lesson for your child, please respond to CoachArt promptly, as opportunities may pass if not secured immediately.

Do I need special training or qualifications to volunteer?

Volunteers do not need to be experts and no formal training is required.  We ask that volunteers possess enough knowledge to teach a four-week session of beginner-level lessons and feel confident enough to provide an activity without support.  That’s easier than you might think — we have lesson plans, activity ideas, templates and other resources you can use.

How much of a time commitment is required?

Our core program requires a four-week commitment of one hour per week. It’s important that volunteers sign up for opportunities they can commit to. Therefore, CoachArt staff will work with you to determine the best fit. Please email to learn more.

How do I become a volunteer?

All prospective volunteers complete an online application and attend an online training where they learn about health and safety requirements of the program and are given tips for how to best work with CoachArt kids. Volunteers are required to pass a background check before they are matched in a lesson with a CoachArt kid. All regular CoachArt volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the program; find out more on our Volunteer page. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 17, you can participate in our Junior Volunteer program; find out more here.

How do I get reimbursed for lesson materials?

Volunteers can submit their receipts from their lesson materials purchase to receive reimbursement. Reimbursement typically takes 1-2 weeks. If a volunteer is unable to pay out of pocket, CoachArt can purchase lesson supplies directly. See details here.

How can my company get involved with CoachArt?

CoachArt offers exciting partnerships with companies who want to give back to their local community.  Corporate groups have hosted supply drives, raised funds to sponsor specific CoachArt activities, and coordinated one day corporate volunteer group activities at the workplace or at a community venue.  For more information about these and other opportunities please email

What does CoachArt look for in a background check?

CoachArt runs a national criminal file search to verify that a prospective volunteer has no prior criminal convictions, is not a sex offender and does not have any outstanding warrants for arrest. The background checks we conduct through Sterling Volunteers include ID confirmation and Advanced Criminal History Record Locator Search, which consists of Government Watch List Search, OFAC, DOJ Sex Offender, County Criminal Search, Current County Residence Search, Nationwide Search, and Social Security Trace. This background check must be cleared before a volunteer is matched in a lesson with a CoachArt kid. Information related to a volunteer’s employment or credit history does not appear.

I already processed a background check for a different organization/school. Can I just send you those results?

If you have already completed a prior background check at Sterling Volunteers for a different company/organization, you will still need to submit a background check to us so that we have access to your information.

I don’t want to release my social security number. Do I have to take a background check?

All of our volunteers have direct contact with minors, so it is in our best interest to provide a safe and secure background check service issued by a third party.

The Sterling Volunteers platform is extremely secure. Sterling Volunteers complies with all national and local regulations with respect to the storage and transmission of sensitive data and is hosted in ISO 27001-audited data centers. The Sterling Volunteers platform is audited regularly throughout the year with external vendors.

Unfortunately, we do not contract with any other background check provider and we cannot provide an alternative background check at this time. We have never received a privacy complaint, but we also understand that this is sensitive information. Please feel free to proceed with whatever feels most comfortable for you.

My free background check waiver is still charging me. What can I do?

If you started a background check already and the code is not working, it might be easier to log out and then log in with a new email/username with the designated free link. If you need additional assistance, you can also reach out to with the good deed code to ensure access.

I’m having trouble completing my background check. Can you help?

What Good Deed Code should I use? If you are asked for a Good Deed Code, please use xldyrfz. If your employee has indicated they will cover the cost, please email for a different Good Deed Code.

If you forgot your username/password: Please reach out to customer service at CoachArt isn’t able to reset passwords ourselves, because background checks are handled by a separate company, but they have personalized customer service to help anyone who is having trouble logging in.

I haven’t heard back about my background check results. What do I do?

Background checks typically can take 2-5 days to process. If you have not received notice of your results within a week, please reach out to so that a staff member can investigate.

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