Sprouts Cooking Club Session 2

Sprouts Cooking Club Session 2

Date - March 24, 2020
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Girls Inc


Join us as we inspire CoachArt junior chefs to cook and bring families together in our Sprouts Cooking Club Session 2! Sprouts’ chefs are thrilled to share their love for wholesome food and hands-on cooking with your aspiring chefs! As we examine our local foods, your aspiring chef will participate in a variety of cooking activities, like prep work to cooking to enjoying the recipe that they created! We’ll be cooking with local farm produce and dairy to rediscover the flavors and food culture of where we live and gain the confidence to cook for family and friends! Sample recipes include veggie burgers, avocado sushi, and zucchini cake! At the end of each class, every child will enjoy the dish they cooked! All skill levels welcome!

Questions, please contact Desiree Brown at desiree@coachart.org or 510-485-4111.