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Embroidery Club, Session 1

Embroidery Club, Session 1

Date - February 13, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Pacific Time


Join CoachArt’s newest Embroidery Club for an introductory course in stitching! Using a needle and thread, participants will learn the basics of stitching including how to thread a needle, split strings, stretch fabric onto a frame. They’ll also learn to make various styles of stitching including the satin stitch, French knot, stem stich, and lazy daisy. By the club’s end, participants will have created beautiful textile artwork to hang around the home. We will have ‘sew’ much fun together that it’ll leave us laughing in ‘stitches’!

Ages: 5-18

Instructor: Lilith Shapiro

Questions? Contact: Kristi, 213-348-7634,

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