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Archeology Art Club, Session 1

Archeology Art Club, Session 1

Date - April 19, 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Pacific Time


Excavate some of life’s historical wonders in CoachArt’s Archeology Club! Together we will learn about archeology, the study of human history, by examining artifacts left behind by ancient civilizations. The projects include sculpting the mysterious Easter Island heads and Stonehenge, recreating the incredible Nazca Lines from Peru using sand art techniques, decorating a pharaoh’s sarcophagus with hieroglyphics, and designing our own unique coat of arms inspired by medieval Europe. By the end of the club, everyone will have uncovered museum-worthy findings!

Ages: 5-18

Instructor: Kristi Reynardus

Questions? Contact: Kristi, 213-348-7634,

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