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The monthly donation club is
a movement fueled by YOU
to bring arts and athletics to
children impacted by chronic illness.


Here we GROW…

Now more than ever, our community is hungry for connection…

Since launching our programs online we’ve seen a huge increase in involvement from volunteers and families. We are “on the grow” and ready to serve more families than ever before!

What is the

We’re soft-launching our
monthly giving program, and
amazing donors like you are
leading the way!

Did you know… over 12,000,000 kids in the United States qualify for free CoachArt programs?! Your donations go directly towards supplying them with the paint brushes, yoga mats, musical instruments, and other lesson materials they need to thrive!

With your participation, this new Club can be a movement that grows to bring the benefits of arts and athletics coaching to more of the 12 million kids nationwide who qualify.

Here’s how YOU can get involved:

Donate Monthly

As CoachArt scales its programs across the country, the cost for lesson materials continues to increase. Every dollar raised through our Monthly Giving Club will be used to propel this growth.


Have a passion or hobby you want to share remotely with a child impacted by chronic illness? You don’t have to be a pro to brighten a kid’s day! Click the button below to find out more about our volunteer process. It’s easy!

Let’s talk!

Have a great idea for the Club? Something specific you’d like to see your monthly donations support? Drop us a line and our executive director (and volunteer basketball coach) Greg will schedule a call to discuss this with you.


A movement fueled by YOU.

We’re honored to be a part of the families we serve.

Our wonderful volunteers and donors make all the magic possible.


“CoachArt is an amazing organization! My son was born with multiple medical problems and we came across a CoachArt application during one of our visits to CHLA. Soon after submitting the form we came into contact with Coach Erick and we were blown away during our very first class! Everyone was very kind and welcoming! As soon as we left the class my son’s response was, ‘Let’s do that again!’ There are truly no words to express my gratitude for this organization and the work that they do!”


“My kids and I love CoachArt programs. They give my kids the opportunity for new experiences without making any difference between the children, making each one feel special. The coaches are people who are prepared to treat children with different abilities, and children learn different and fun activities according to their ages and tastes without having to pay anything. As a mother, I am very happy to have CoachArt in my children’s lives. Thank you very much, CoachArt team!”

CoachArt campers (Chloe and Kyle) display yarn sculpture artwork created in CoachArt's Virtual Summer Camp!