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With social and economic confidence in cryptocurrency increasing alongside the needs of our growing organization, we are thrilled to partner with Pledge to give supporters the option to donate crypto safely and securely.

Through our Pledge donation widget, we accept over 130 cryptocurrencies and crypto donations will be immediately converted to cash. This means you’ll have more options for how to give safely and securely, and we’ll be able to fulfill our promise to families impacted by childhood chronic illness more than ever before.

What Cryptocurrencies are accepted?

We accept over 130 of the largest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Tether, Binance Coin (BNB), and seamlessly process them into cash donations. For the complete list of cryptocurrencies accepted, click here.

Cryptocurrency donations are fast, secure, transparent, and may be more cost effective than other methods. It also gets more money directly in the hands of the nonprofits you care about most, while also providing additional tax benefits to donors. For more information about crypto donations, click here.