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3 days ago
The Comic Book Club's first lesson was loads of fun! Participants read the comic of the day, watched a video on how to turn basic shapes into super characters, and learned all about what comics are. Kids finished the lesson by sharing their character designs. 🖊️ 🦸🏾‍♀️ 🦹 🖍️ CoachArtOrg photo
2 weeks ago
In the third lesson of 3d Puzzle Club, participants learned about sharks! Sharks are super cool sea animals and many of the kids expressed their love for sharks. 💙 🦈 Building the 3D shark puzzle was a breeze, and participants have improved their puzzle-building skills! CoachArtOrg photo
3 weeks ago
Our online platform, CoachArt Connect, is funded in part by a grant from the Robert A. Stranahan, Jr. Charitable Advised Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation. Thank you! CoachArtOrg photo
4 weeks ago
Digital Design Club kicked off the month learning about logos, what purpose they serve, and how to design a great one. We then practiced by coming up with a name for a business, and drawing a symbol to represent it. Looks like we have some #graphicdesign pros in the making! CoachArtOrg photo
1 month ago
Volunteer coach Tony spoke with us about how easy and fun it is to teach CoachArt kids the "laid-back, at-the-beach, on-an-island" sounds of the ukulele. 🎶 Visit our blog to read Tony's inspiring story -- it'll make you smile! ❤️🧡 CoachArtOrg photo
1 month ago
Join us ~* tonight *~ at 6 pm PDT for Facebook Live Trivia! Winner takes home an Amazon gift card. This event is free and open to the public!!