Whether you’re teaching a hobby you’ve been doing since you were seven or a newly found passion, sometimes coming up with activity ideas can be challenging.  This page is here to help you with that!  Below you will find links to dozens of activities for a range of subjects.

CoachArt Activity Pro Tips

  • Come with an example of your project (even if it’s just a picture on your phone!).
  • Collaborate with your student on what projects you want to do or skills to focus on.
  • Make techniques clear. Demonstrate what you want your student to do.
  • Break down instructions into chewable sizes.
  • Plan for clean up time.
  • Plan for downtime (i.e. when something is cooking or drying):
    • – Use this time to clean up.
    • – Have student recap steps taken for the project.
    • – Play icebreaker games.
    • – Take pictures of the project.
    • – Plan next lesson or make a Pinterest Board together.

How To Use Pinterest

  1. Sign Up
    • Sign in with Google, Twitter, or Facebook OR sign up for a free Pinterest account
  2. Check Out CoachArt’s Pinterest Page.
    • Click the above link to see all of CoachArt’s Boards ?or click a Board for specific subject activity ideas
    • See a Board you like?  Want to get CoachArt’s latest finds for that subject? Follow it!  At the top of the Board’s main page, click the red box that says “Follow Board”. This will keep new activity ideas coming your way!
  3. Find Your Own Activities
    • Type in a keyword or words in the top search bar and click enter
    • Want to narrow your search even more? After entering your first keyword and clicking enter, Pinterest will generate additional keywords to narrow your search. Click these keyword buttons.
  4. Share Your Finds With CoachArt!
    • Come across a great activity? Want to add it to CoachArts Board for other coaches to use? Email the link to programs@coachart.org

What’s My Budget?

Please see below to identify your budget for all 8 weeks of lessons.


  • Please save a copy of this document, fill it out, attach your receipts to an email, and email all docs to your Program Manager below:
  • San Francisco Bay: melissa@coachart.org
  • South LA:
  • Make sure to include your email address and mailing address on the form.
  • We’ll then process your reimbursement request and send an email invitation to sign up for epayment so you can get a direct deposit.
  • You can also choose to receive a check instead, which would go to your mailing address, but note, it does take up to one week longer than epayment.
Category 1 Student 2 Students 3 Students 4 Students
Music $22 $28 $38 $48
Cooking $180 $210 $240 $270
Art $85 $90 $95 $100
Sports $50 $55 $60 $65


  • Music- If needed, an instrument will be provided by CoachArt. This budget is intended for music, etc.
  • Cooking- Typically the family provides the basics like flour, oil etc. Be sure to check and see what they already have on hand
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