Supermama Molly

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Today’s CoachArt Mama is Molly Dirr. Molly is the Bay Area Program Director and mother of seven-month-old little man. Molly has been working at CoachArt since 2011 and took time to share her thoughts on five questions that we’ve asked our CoachArt Mamas. We are so grateful for Molly’s leadership and commitment to both CoachArt and to her family and are so fortunate to have her in our CoachArt community.

Thank you for being an incredible Supermama, Molly!

1. What does it mean to be a mama?

As a first-time mama of a seven-month-old boy named Brooks, I’ve only just begun this journey. My own mama told me that there is no love stronger than the love a mama has for her child. She also said that I would never truly understand that love until I had my own children. And as I held my sweet, warm, helpless, baby in my arms during those very first days, through my exhaustion and tears, I began to feel the heavy, beautiful weight of that unsurpassable love. Once again, my mama was right.

To me, being a mama means to be a protector, a teacher, a nurturer, a cheerleader, a caretaker, a confidante, a chef, a cleaning lady, a chauffeur, a comedian, an advocate, a shoulder to cry on, an unsung hero, a teammate, a spiritual guide, a number one fan, a therapist, a companion, and a friend. Maybe the question should be what doesn’t it mean to be a mama?

2. As a mama, what role does community play in your life, your child’s life, and/or your family’s life?

As a working mama, I depend on my community to help me raise Brooks. Although I miss him terribly, it is a gift to have family and community members who can share their love, laughter, and wisdom with my child while I am working at CoachArt. I think Brooks is lucky to learn and receive love from many people instead of just one.

I love learning from other mamas in the community. I love watching the interactions between parents and their children at CoachArt lessons and clubs. I love asking the other mamas in my life for advice, because I know they’ve been through the sleep deprivation, the teething, and the worry that comes with being a new mama. I am never truly alone and that is so comforting.

3. Tell me what it means to be a mama, a mama within the CoachArt community AND an advocate of so many mothers who are loving and leading their family amidst the pain and struggle of a child’s chronic illness.

This question makes me teary-eyed because everyday. I am in true awe of our CoachArt mamas. No parent wants to hear the dreaded words from their doctor, “Your child is diagnosed with…” But unfortunately illness will come to some of our children and when it does, we choose how to move forward.

CoachArt mamas choose to be brave in the face of the unknown. CoachArt  mamas choose to show their strength because they know their children are watching them. CoachArt mamas seek out joy and connection for their children, through programs like ours, because their children deserve to laugh, learn, and form friendships like any other child.

I am so honored to advocate and support our CoachArt mamas. If CoachArt music lessons provide one hour of respite for parents each week, I have done my job. If a mother smiles as their child runs to her, beaming, after making a basket at a CoachArt sports club, I have done my job. If a child’s art project from an in-home painting lesson is hung proudly on the fridge to remind the whole family of joyful times, I have done my job. And let me just say, I LOVE to do my job!

4. We believe that all mamas are superheroes and that CoachArt mamas, given their strength amidst struggle, are an incredible representation of the Supermama. Do you agree with these statements… and why?

Superheroes can accomplish feats that “normal” people can’t even imagine being able to do. The same is true for CoachArt mamas. To hold your child’s hand and hold back tears while they are poked and prodded by a medical team, to sit helplessly in a waiting room while your child undergoes surgery, to administer medication that makes your baby feel worse before they can feel better, to face the reality that you may have to say goodbye to your sweet one far before their time should come; these are the most difficult and truest feats of a SuperHero.

5. Our Mother’s Day Campaign slogan is “Do It For Your Mama” … what does that mean to you?

Have you read the The Lanyard by Billy Collins? That’s why you should do it for your mama- because “IT’S” the least we can do.