Supermama Marlo

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Today’s Supermama is Marlo Vinzoni. Thank you Marlo for your positivity and strength for your children.

What does it mean to be a mama?

Mama means being given a priceless gift. As a mama to two wonderful children who are my world, I have the greatest job of all!

As a mama, what role does community play in your life, your child’s life, and/or your family’s lift?

Our community is our playground. It allows our family to explore, grow, and learn. I’m always searching for something that can make positive impact in our lives. It can be as simple as taking a walk as a family, talking about our surroundings, or going to see a show with friends we have connected with.

Tell me what it means to be a mama within the CoachArt community while you are loving and leading a family amidst the pain and struggle of a child’s chronic illness.

Being a mama within in the CoachArt community brings normalcy to my family. It’s a community of people who truly understand everything you’re going through on a daily basis! It is a gift to surround ourselves with others who live lives like we do, and only CoachArt can provide this to us. I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow CoachArt mama and her son at a recent CoachArt event. Although we were seated next to each other, we didn’t speak much, but it just warmed my heart to be close to another mama who understands. I know she felt the same way too.

We believe that all mamas are superheroes and that CoachArt mamas, given their strength amidst struggle, are an incredible representation of the Supermama. Do you agree with these statements… and why?

Yes, I agree all mamas are superheroes and CoachArt mamas wear a “double s” on their chest because we are super supermamas. We have to take a deep breath, jump in and make it all happen. When things are most challenging and all you want to do is cry and cry, we must prevail. We have to find the strength to hold our children, comfort them and the whole family, all the while make breakfast, lunch, dinner, manage doctor appointment, meds, and everything Cinderella had to do too.

Our Mother’s Day Campaign slogan is “Do It For Your Mama” … what does that mean to you?

What it means to me is love your mama like she LOVES you!

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