Supermama Maria

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Today’s CoachArt mama is Maria Briseño, mama of three. We want to thank Supermama Maria for always fighting for your family!

What does it mean to be a mama?

What does it mean to be Marques’ mama? It means adventure, sorrow, endless laughter, joy and honor.

Being chosen to be a mama of a special needs child is an honor that I will always hold dearly in my heart. There was a time where I could not have a child. Nearly eight months after submitting our adoption application, Marques was born eight weeks prematurely. I knew this was a sign. The day I received the call that there was a child available for adoption, I knew he was the one. He instantly filled a piece of my heart I never knew was missing.

As a mama, what role does community play in your life, your child’s life, and/or your family’s life?

Our community has always played a huge role in our lives. It became even more apparent the day Marques came home that we’d need it to survive. We wanted to acquire a special assistance dog for Marques, but we learned the cost to train one would be $10,000. After raising nearly $2,500, we learned the rest had been taken care of! Years later, a complete stranger came up to us and asked if our baby boy was named Marques. She explained that she had read about our efforts to raise the $10,000 in the local paper. It turns out she was one of the donors.

Because of our precious child, we have come to know many incredible individuals in our local community and across the country. Community to us means FAMILY and FAMILY plays a huge role in our lives.

Tell me what it means to be a mama, a mama within the CoachArt community AND an advocate of so many mothers who are loving and leading their family amidst the pain and struggle of a child’s chronic illness.

Help doesn’t come to you; you have to search and fight for it. It’s not always easy, but the fight is so worth it when you know you’re doing everything you can to give your child the best possible future.

CoachArt is so critical for our children. It is the only place where people ask, “What can we do to help?” At CoachArt’s events, there are always volunteers and staff ready to assist everyone. We never feel out of place, but instead we feel welcomed, as if we are old friends coming together. We can truly relax and enjoy our children who have the privilege to enjoy educational, yet fun activities. THANK YOU COACHART!

We believe that all mamas are superheroes and that CoachArt mamas, given their strength amidst struggle, are an incredible representation of the Supermama. Do you agree with these statements… and why?

Being a mama of a special needs child, you need to have super strength. You need the strength to be the best advocate for your child. Marques has taught me to never give up and keep on fighting each and every day. I am his biggest fan, and thanks to Marques, I am his Supermama.

Our Mother’s Day Campaign slogan is “Do It For Your Mama” … what does that mean to you?

My number one goal has always been to teach my child to be the best that he can be and to never give up. “Do it for your mama” means that it is time for our children to show us the best that they are in everything they do.

Maria – Marques’ Supermama