Supermama Kara

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Today’s Supermama is CoachArt’s very own Dr. Kara Allen Soldati, another shining example of a CoachArt Mama who surrounds those with her utmost brilliance and instantly warms your heart with her smile and selflessness.

Leading the team at CoachArt, Kara constantly gives it everything she’s got. She always finds time to inspire those around her and is driven to serve each and every CoachArt family. A true warrior for a community that focuses on what kids CAN do, not what they can’t. A community that offers opportunities to grow, learn and thrive, and where people understand their story. If you know Kara, you’ve heard her say that 2015 is the “Year of Impact”. How can we, as individuals and as a community be impactful? Kara not only strives to be impactful here at CoachArt and for the CoachArt community, she strives for it at home, especially for her daughter JJ and husband Gary.

“What will our children do in the morning if they do not see us fly?” – Rumi

As a favorite quote of Kara’s, she shows JJ how high her mama can fly on a daily basis. It is her greatest “hope for JJ to know to love, to love to learn, to learn to give and to give for good.” She is present for her family at all times and treasures every moment, even the smallest things like dancing in the backyard with her family as the sun sets on a daily basis. There is no doubt that Kara’s raising a daughter who will proudly do it for her mama.

CoachArt believes that every mama is a supermama and wishes each and everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Angela Wong Preston & Dorothy Chou – CoachArt Los Angeles Office