Supermama Jennifer

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Today’s Supermama is Jennifer. Jennifer has two beautiful daughters. Thank you for always putting your family first and constantly being a role model not only to your family, but community!

What does it mean to be a mama?

It means to be strong, loving, kind, gentle and a best friend.  It means that no matter what, through struggles, pain and even fear, I will always be there for my children and family.

As a mama, what role does community play in your life, your child’s life, and/or your family’s life?

I teach my kids how important it is to give back to your community. I grew up in Oakland, California and was a foster child until I aged out. I know firsthand how lonely your life may feel when you live without a community that’s willing to stick together and give. I do my best to be a role model everyday to my children and others in my community, showing my dedication and love for families of children impacted by chronic illness.

Tell me what it means to be a mama within the CoachArt community while you are loving and leading a family amidst the pain and struggle of a child’s chronic illness.

My daughter has Sickle Cell SS and has been a part of CoachArt early on in her life. I instantly fell in love with the CoachArt community. I wanted to be apart of something amazing. I wanted to help change lives, not just the life of my child but other children and families. I wanted to inspire, lift and give others joy! These children and families weren’t just a part of another group, but more of a “FAMILY”. The CoachArt community inspires me everyday with how strong, courageous and brilliant they are. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

We believe that all mamas are superheroes and that CoachArt mamas, given their strength amidst struggle, are an incredible representation of the Supermama. Do you agree with these statements… and why?

I’m a single mother of two beautiful girls. It’s a hard journey at times but I manage to keep my head up high. Of course I have my days where I cry and sit and ask why. Having a child with a chronic life threatening illness has taught me a deeper meaning of being not just a mama, but a supermama.