Supermama Holly

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Today’s CoachArt Mama is Holly. Holly experiences first hand how chronic pediatric diagnoses can take countless hours to maintain a child’s health in and out of the hospital. Holly’s daughter Paz has a very rare gastrointestinal disorder, an incurable life challenging medical condition. Syringes and chronic pain are daily realities for Paz. Thank you for being such an incredible mother and advocate for your child, Holly!

We believe that all mamas are superheroes and that CoachArt mamas, given their strength amidst struggle, are an incredible representation of the Supermama. To me, all mamas, but especially CoachArt mamas, are unsung heroes. Being a mama is hard work, and for some, it is a full-time job on top of another full-time job. Like all mamas, CoachArt mamas have to face everyday challenges like making sure our child eats proper meals, dropping off and picking up from school, making sure they have clean clothes to wear and other day to day mama tasks. But, in caring for a child who has an ongoing medical condition or life-threatening disease which requires countless doctor appointments and constant medical care, CoachArt mamas must also dig deep and find strength to make it through the everyday struggles of life.

Our Mother’s Day Campaign slogan is “Do It For Your Mama”. Do it for all the mamas out there. Each and every one. Mamas are the backbone of so many families. It is the kindness of others that can really make a world of difference to mamas. My family has been so fortunate to have CoachArt in our lives. These lessons and programs my daughter has experienced through CoachArt have given her tremendous joy and fun that she wouldn’t otherwise know since she spends so much of her life in the hospital. Lacking the resources to give her these opportunities myself, I am so thankful for everything CoachArt has done for my daughter. Having the opportunity to be among peers who face similar challenges in life and everyday activities has built her self esteem. Best of all, she has also formed incredible friendships through all her CoachArt activities, including a friend whose medical condition is not unlike hers. They have a bond together that only the two of them can understand. Paz and her new friend have regular playdates, something that never would have happened if not for CoachArt.

HollyPaz’s Supermama