Supermama Erin

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My name is Erin and I am the mother of two CoachArt children, Ella and Maya. Most moms would agree that motherhood means putting your family’s needs first. My family says that makes me a superhero. My supermama strength was tested a few years ago when my daughter Ella bravely fought her battle with Leukemia. Every child deserves to enjoy their childhood; for Ella, Leukemia made this extremely challenging. CoachArt brought the joys of childhood back into Ella and Maya’s lives. They were welcomed into a supportive environment where they could be kids and participate in enriching arts and sports activities. We all won a battle when Ella overcame Leukemia, and now I have two healthy daughters. And, I know they’re happier too, thanks to CoachArt. I feel like a supermama every time I see them smile.

Erin – Ella and Maya’s Supermama