Raising a Chronically Ill Child: The UpBeat Gets It

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New Website and Podcast, Powered by CoachArt, Provides Resources and Community for Parents and Families Raising a Chronically Ill Child.

CoachArt is providing families nationwide who are raising a chronically ill child with a new source of information and community thanks to the launch of The UpBeat. CoachArt is a nonprofit organization that provides free arts and athletics activities to children living with a physical chronic condition and their siblings.

The UpBeat, Powered by CoachArt

CoachArt Introduces the UpBeat

The UpBeat is dedicated to the emotional and social wellbeing of families impacted by childhood chronic illness. The podcast episodes feature helpful tips on common parenting challenges related to these special needs, plus moving and inspirational anecdotes of individual diagnoses.

“CoachArt wants to extend emotional and practical support to all families impacted by childhood chronic illness,” said CoachArt Executive Director Greg Harrell-Edge, who will co-host the podcast with CoachArt Marketing Director Roxanne Doche. “The UpBeat will be an excellent resource for them, especially the podcast interviews and exclusive Facebook group. It will give parents a place to go when they really don’t know what to expect next.”

Podcast co-host Roxanne Doche, CoachArt’s marketing director, has first-hand experience as the mom of a child with chronic illness. Her daughter Aleyna was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in 2012, and has benefited from CoachArt services.

The UpBeat at https://theupbeat.coachart.org will include articles that cover topics such as wheelchair-inclusive recreational activities and tips on how to help a child manage stress in a chronically ill child.

“The UpBeat is designed to touch on a broad range of parenting topics that are specific to the challenges that we face as parents of children with health restraints,” Doche said. “We want to create a safe, interactive community where parents can share their personal experiences and feel like they are supported and understood. When my daughter was receiving treatments for cancer, I wished for something like The UpBeat.”

The UpBeat will publish a weekly podcast, blog posts, and an editorial, written by a mother to a son with tuberous sclerosis.

The UpBeat Podcast: Preview Episode 1


Season 1, Episode 1: Embrace Your Stripes, interview with “Tiger Livy” Co-Author, Erin Garcia.

tigerlivy2In Episode 1 of The UpBeat Podcast, Co-Hosts Greg and Roxanne sit down with the co-author of “Tiger Livy,” the new children’s book for kids and families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

When a rare autoimmune disease suddenly turned her niece’s life upside down, Erin immediately looked for books they could share.

But when she couldn’t find many age-appropriate stories about kids with chronic illnesses, she did what any English teacher would do — she wrote her own.

Listen to the full episode and get chronic illness children’s book resources.


Raising a Chronically Ill Child? Get Connected to a Community of Support with The UpBeat

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CoachArt’s mission is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

10 Local Resources for Parents of Kids with Chronic Illnesses in Los Angeles | CoachArt

Children living with chronic illness may feel isolated because of their condition. Frequent hospital visits and deficient immune systems often cause them to miss time in school and recreational activities. Families, overwhelmed by the cost and demands of ongoing medical care, often lack the resources to seek out or afford extracurricular activities. Healthy siblings are affected too when family resources are focused on a chronically ill child. CoachArt supports these families by offering free recreational lessons that bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives.

Since 2001, CoachArt has matched volunteer coaches with students for one-on-one or group lessons in arts and athletics. Our vision is that one day every family impacted by chronic illness will be connected to a community of support and an opportunity to learn and grow together.

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