LA Program Partner Spotlight: Pastimes for a Lifetime

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Written By Sarah Park, CoachArt Coaching Manager – Los Angeles.

This past May, CoachArt kids Emma, Collin and Kali were featured in Pastime for a Lifetime‘s annual exhibit at the Rotary Club’s Mother’s Day art show.

Linda Wehrli, founder and teacher of Pastimes for a Lifetime, Inc., has been long-time supporter of CoachArt.  “I had never heard of anybody or any organization doing this,” Wehrli commented, “But the person who called me –Leah Bernthal (CoachArt Co-Founder) was so passionate. The idea of offering solace and healing through art to sick children seemed so right. ” Linda was also drawn to the sibling aspect of CoachArt’s program saying, “CoachArt included siblings in their mission statement, and I love that also, because often times the healthy sibling’s needs get unintentionally pushed aside due to the overwhelming needs of their sick brother and sister.” She modestly adds, “I might inspire the students, but they certainly inspire me.”

See below for pics of our students standing proudly with their new Certificates of Merit and if you would like to check out their artwork, please click here and here.

Collin Carrier

Emma Arroyo-Best

About Linda Wehrli

Linda Wehrli is committed to continuing lifelong learning, inspiring creative thinking and sharing her two favorite passions, art and piano, with others. Linda received formal training from the art professors at Cal State Northridge and has been drawing since age 5 and painting since age 12. Since 1989, she has been happily teaching students of all ages.  Linda is an accomplished piano soloist, accompanist and arranger. She began learning piano at age 6 and has studied under teachers from Juliard, Berklee School of Music in Boston and various European conservatories.