Joshua’s Story: Writing About Leukemia as a Childhood Cancer Survivor

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Meet Joshua! A childhood cancer survivor, Joshua was diagnosed with acute leukemia at seven years old. After a 5-year battle, Joshua beat cancer and he wanted to share his story with others. As a CoachArt student, Joshua has participated in many of our free arts and athletics activities over the years.

1 in 285 United States children will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20. Joshua wanted to write about his cancer journey to help other kids battling cancer, so CoachArt matched him with volunteer coach Daniel, a writer and cancer survivor, to help Joshua share his story.


CoachArt Volunteer Dan (L) and CoachArt Student Joshua (R) were matched as cancer survivors to share Joshua’s story.

Childhood Cancer Survivor Joshua Shares His Story

Joshua was recognized at the 2017 CoachArt Gala of Champions, where he shared his story of being diagnosed with acute leukemia.

“Almost 5 years ago, I had a traumatic experience that forced me to spend time in the hospital and miss school. I now know how to paint better and now that CoachArt gave me a lot of opportunities, I can do stuff that I can’t imagine I’d be able to do. Thank you CoachArt for your support of me…” – Joshua, CoachArt Student


CoachArt Executive Director Greg Harrell-Edge and CoachArt Student Joshua at the 2017 CoachArt Gala of Champions in Los Angeles.

Over the month of September, CoachArt will be featuring information, personal stories, posts, and podcasts that spotlight the need for childhood cancer awareness, support families who are fighting, recognize childhood cancer survivors, and to help make childhood cancer a priority a national health priority.



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