Home Run Dad!

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With baseball season in full swing and 4th of July just around the corner, we would like to honor a few of the many All-Star CoachArt dads in our community. Not only do these fathers go above and beyond for their kids, but they also face adversity with wisdom, courage and hope.

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At first base, we have Amador del Prado, father of two wonderful children who have participated in volleyball, baseball, basketball, dance and many other CoachArt programs. Our favorite All-Star trait about Amador? He always shows up early with his children to the club activities, helping to build their skill and more importantly, their confidence. Amador says, “The key to being a parent is to learn that the days, months and years may not be easy. We teach each other that no matter how big or small the problem may be, we can solve it together, as a united family.” The del Prados have been a part of CoachArt for over three years and feels that, “to be a part of the CoachArt community is like winning the lottery because we get to enjoy all the activities with our children who are impacted by chronic illnesses and they get a chance to forget about their sorrows. CoachArt treats us like family, and we are grateful for all that CoachArt does for our children.” CoachArt is so thankful to have dedicated parents like Amador in our community!

Image (3)Next, batting .320 we present Max D’Ambrosio, a CoachArt father of three. His daughters Martina and Jenny excel in our Art Clubs. Max’s support and pride in his children’s art is unparalleled! “To me, being a father means being a loving custodian of the miracle that a new life brings into my own. I think that parenting in general is such a humbling experience. Recognizing that our communities can play a major role in the positive development for our children is vital. Particularly for families that face a chronic illness, the support of the community in any shape or form can have a profound positive impact on the life of all the members of the family,” Max explains. Living with chronic illness himself, Max connects with CoachArt’s mission to create a transformative community. “By providing a nurturing place where kids can express themselves through athletics and arts, CoachArt provides an invaluable service for the whole family. When my kids are engaged and in a positive environment, they are happy. It brings out the best in them and it relieves some of the stress caused by the everyday reality of battling a chronic illness.”

Image (1)Photo by Shelly Hamalian  Contact Shelly at 415-235-8600/shutterbug94549@gmail.com

On deck is an CoachArt All-Star who puts his three children first, Rob Lavoie. Rob says his family is,  “especially grateful for all the volunteers who take their valuable time to spend with our kids to try and bring some sense of normalcy into their lives, which can be so focused on all the problems and issues associated with their illnesses.” When reflecting on his family’s first year with CoachArt, Rob explains, “we began an odyssey that took us in and out of the hospital three or more times for radical surgeries and how to deal with the challenges we faced. We’re so thankful for the good care we received at John Muir Hospital and their introduction to CoachArt during our frequent ‘visits’.  We have been blessed with a nearly complete recovery and CoachArt has been a big part of that healing process.”

Together, with the help of all of our All-Star dads, we are able to change the lives of children and siblings facing chronic illness across the Bay Area and Los Angeles. CoachArt is honored to be a part of the emotional healing process for all of it’s families. CoachArt steps up to the plate to provide support outside of the hospital and in the home. It’s how we root, root, root for the home team!

Danielle Floyd – Development Coordinator, San Francisco Bay Area