CoachArt’s Year in Review

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This year was amazing — because CoachArt students, coaches and supporters are amazing!

Here are some of the highlights from throughout the year….

January — A near year, a new mission, a new vision
We had spent the past several months asking YOU, our community,  “What do we do best, and how can we do better?” This led to the launch of a new mission and a new vision:

CoachArt’s mission is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

Our vision is that one day every family impacted by chronic illness will be connected to a community of support and an opportunity to learn and grow together.

February — Raiders & Disney Interactive Team Up

Rod Streater is a man of many talents – wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, art student, and dedicated CoachArt volunteer. In addition to volunteering one-on-one with Bay Area CoachArt student Michael, Rod teamed up with Disney Interactive to offer a Frozen-themed animation class to 25 CoachArt students.

March — Behind the Scenes at Filmmakers Camp

CoachArt partners RED Cameras and Thunder Studios hosted a week-long Filmmaker’s camp for 12 lucky CoachArt students. These young filmmakers channeled their inner Eastwood and set out to tell their stories, working behind the scenes and stepping in front of the camera for their moment in the spotlight. Click here to watch the video!

April — CHEERS to a Successful Children’s Benefit!

On April 23, over 350 guests gathered together at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco to celebrate improving the lives of those impacted by childhood chronic illness. Honorees Rod Streater and Selina Tobaccowala inspired us with their stories. The event featured CoachArt student Ella and her father Gene, CoachArt students & the Bird’s School of Music 2nd Line Band, and Ashanti Floyd “The Mad Violinist.” Most importantly, the event raised funds to provide a safe, supportive and transformative community for children like Ella each year.

May — The debut of “Count On Me” CoachArt-style

CoachArt students and coaches submitted videos to put together a fun video montage “covering” the hit song  “Count on Me” – Bruno Mars, because you can always count on CoachArt. A special thank you to Mike Truesdale for contributing his time and skills to help edit this video for us!

June — Supermama Series

Bay Area Program Director Molly Dirr becoming a first-time mother made us all reflect on the incredible job that mothers do in our CoachArt community — they are true supermamas.

CoachArt mamas choose to be brave in the face of the unknown. CoachArt mamas choose to show their strength because they know their children are watching them. CoachArt mamas seek out joy and connection for their children, through programs like ours, because their children deserve to laugh, learn, and form friendships like any other child. Thank you to all CoachArt Supermamas!

July — Superhero Kickball!

The Google/Youtube team came out to Beverly Hills and spent their afternoon making capes and playing superhero kickball with us at the park!

August — Crowds Dazzled During Tri-Sport All-Star Games

The NBA, MLB, NHL or MLS all-star games each just feature a single sport – so they’ve got nothing on CoachArt’s three-sport All-Star Games that took place simultaneously in Los Angeles and the Bay Area on Saturday, August 1. It was a very sporty month at CoachArt — later in the month, SurveyMonkey sent their Monkeys out to a basketball event in Oakland.

September — It’s a Wrap!

CoachArt students created their own short film with the help of Disney Interactive VoluntEARS. Together, they spent four Wednesdays of their summer creating storyboards, narratives and a set design. Pirates, villains and epic battles! Will Jody the pirate captain be able to win back her ship… and her peg arm?? You have to watch “Jody’s Amazing Adventures: The Quest for the Peg Arm” featuring our very own CoachArt students and Disney Interactive VoluntEARS to find out!

October — Champions!

Our signature fundraising event of the year featured an unbelievable piano performance by CoachArt student Alberto, after a video about his relationship with his CoachArt coach Jordan.

The event brought in critical funds for CoachArt programs including:
– $172,768 in the room (more than double the 2014 total)
– from 247 amazing supporters (also more than double the 2014 total)
– an additional $811,109 from our generous sponsors (and donors who could not attend)
– an OVERALL total of $983,877

Check out the photos in our full Gala album….

November — Blast off!

Watch out Matt Damon! CoachArt teamed up with SpaceX and spent their Saturday mornings learning all about space exploration. The club blasted off by touring the SpaceX Headquarters in Hawthorne, CA and ended the 4-week club by designing and building a Martian habitat to sustain the human race when we inevitably colonize mars. It was so out of this world that we had to display the terrarium at our Annual Art Showcase and Holiday Party in Los Angeles.

December — What inspiring stories will unfold next year?

As we sit in our headquarters today planning for next year, we have so many young people interested in so many different arts and athletics and so many new stories that are waiting to unfold.

Do you know what makes those stories happen? Your support. 

Will you provide arts and athletics for children impacted by chronic illness by: 
making a gift today
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We have 14 days left to hit our year-end goals!