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Meet Byron, your CoachArt Bay Area Program Assistant!

Byron Swain, Bay Area CoachArt Program AssistantByron Swain joined the CoachArt Bay Area staff in February 2020 as Program Assistant. He loves drawing and is an awesome drawing teacher! Ever since CoachArt started offering lessons online rather than face-to-face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has led numerous drawing tutorials on Facebook Live. You can see recordings of those lessons, and others, on our YouTube channel here. Get info about CoachArt’s upcoming Facebook Live tutorials, and other virtual programming, here.

Byron was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and lives in Concord, California. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Web Design from California State University – East Bay, where he volunteered as a lab assistant for the art program. He studied Bok-Fu, a spin-off of Kung Fu, at the West Wind School in Berkeley and achieved a green belt. He has been a lifeguard, a nursery associate, and an executive administrative assistant, and most recently he was a collateral specialist for CMG Financial in San Ramon. He enjoys cooking, and his best dish is a slow-cooked pork carnitas.


We asked Byron about his background and his experience with CoachArt!

CoachArt: Tell us something about your childhood that shaped who you are today.

Byron: I grew up playing games with friends, and that taught me how to treat others with respect, because they didn’t tolerate when I was rude or selfish!

Byron Swain

Byron, CoachArt Bay Area Program Assistant, as a kid

CoachArt: How did you discover your passion for the work you do at CoachArt?

Byron: I found my passion for helping naturally. Helping feels good, and it multiplies the good in the world, so I stuck with it.

CoachArt: What’s your favorite thing about being a member of CoachArt’s programs team?

Byron: I love thinking up new activities and clubs to run. I’m excited for when we can meet in person, so we can fill water balloons with watercolor paint, and paint a mural with them!

CoachArt: What’s an example of a great CoachArt moment you’ve experienced or heard about?

Byron: A CoachArt Bay Area student’s parent told me that her daughter had always wanted to learn martial arts, but couldn’t do that until CoachArt connected her with a coach who adapted the training to the student’s needs. The student’s relief and joy are fantastic.

CoachArt: What do you do in your free time?

Byron: I design games and host movie nights for my friends.

CoachArt: What’s one of your goals for the future?

Byron: I look forward to seeing a former CoachArt student return to CoachArt as a volunteer coach.

CoachArt: This has happened before! We hope you get to experience that. Thank you for the good work you do!

Our sincere thanks to Byron, CoachArt Bay Area Program Assistant, for sharing a little about himself with the CoachArt community today! Check out the video below to see Byron in action on Facebook Live! 


Facebook Live: “Let’s Draw Together” with Coach Byron

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