CoachArt and Artreach at UCLA: Art Club Teaches Kids Different Art Mediums!

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CoachArt and Artreach at UCLA partnered to give CoachArt students the opportunity to engage in a different art medium each week, including sculpting, sewing, drawing, and arts and crafts.

We recently wrote about ways to encourage kids’ creativity in our post, Health Benefits of Creativity for Kids with Chronic Illnesses, and this special 4-week art club helped kids to explore their creativity, discover new art mediums, and become well-rounded artists with instruction from a different member of ArtReach at UCLA facilitating each workshop.

Week 1: DIY T-Shirt Workshop

Week 1 of CoachArt Art Club with Artreach at UCLA combined drawing and painting with design for a cool product that the kids could wear proudly! Students began by experimenting with drawing techniques to heighten their senses to lines, depth, and proportion. Then they were able to apply what they learned by using acrylics to make their own unique t-shirt design!

CoachArt and Artreach at UCLA

CoachArt students creating DIY t-shirts with Artreach at UCLA in Art Club (Week 1)

Week 2: Drawing Workshop

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! Week 2 of CoachArt Art Club with Artreach at UCLA was a drawing workshop that used SpongeBob Squarepants as the focal point for learning about spatial distribution and the vanishing point. Students utilized sketch paper to practice drawing techniques and create a beautiful piece of art with watercolors and canson paper.


CoachArt students learning drawing techniques with Artreach at UCLA in Art Club (Week 2)

Week 3: Sewing Workshop

Week 3 of CoachArt Art Club with Artreach at UCLA introduced our students to the fundamentals of sewing, beginning with a safety briefing and transitioning to activities for basic straight stitch practices. Kids had the opportunity to expand their skills with this medium before making a final reversible bracelet they could take home.


CoachArt students practicing sewing skills with Artreach at UCLA in Art Club (Week 3)

Week 4: Sculpting Workshop

In week 4 of CoachArt Art Club with Artreach at UCLA, kids learned sculpting basics, allowing them to explore their creativity in the third dimension! We used high-quality cardboard, popsicle sticks, and paints to fashion our final sculpting products. This was a great way to introduce CoachArt kids to “pop art” while creating art that was personal to each student.

Art Club with CoachArt and Artreach at UCLA

CoachArt students learning sculpting basics with Artreach at UCLA in Art Club (Week 4)

To celebrate the end of our 4-week art club, we had a pizza party with students, families, and volunteers (a CoachArt favorite pastime) and certificate ceremony where each student received a special certificate of participation!


Art Club with Artreach at UCLA culminated with a pizza party for CoachArt kids!


CoachArt kids display club certificates at Art Club with Artreach at UCLA

CoachArt and Artreach at UCLA in Action!

Watch this brief and fun video of the art created by CoachArt students in our 4-week Art Club! Special thank you to Artreach at UCLA, volunteers, Anthony Menor (ArtReach President), and Andrew Liu (ArtReach Vice President) for bringing this amazing series of art workshops to CoachArt kids!


About Artreach at UCLA

Artreach at UCLA integrates art with community outreach! We provide marginalized and disadvantaged communities with outlets for art appreciation and creation. Through our art workshops, Artreach strives to use the compelling power of art to inspire underserved groups such as children with chronic illnesses, veterans, and at-risk youth. Together, we seek to cultivate a supportive learning environment in which participants can explore their creativity, learn various mediums of art, and arrive at greater understandings of themselves and society. Program mediums include—but are not limited to— drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, music, dance, and creative writing. By volunteering as mentors or instructors, UCLA students engage with the arts and a diverse range of communities within the LA county area. 


“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”



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