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The UpBeat, Powered by CoachArt, supports families impacted by pediatric cancers with podcast interviews and childhood cancer resources. 

CoachArt Introduces the UpBeat

The UpBeat is a podcast series and website dedicated to the emotional and social wellbeing of families impacted by childhood chronic illness. The podcast episodes feature helpful tips on common parenting challenges related to these special needs, plus moving and inspirational anecdotes of individual diagnoses.

32% of CoachArt families are impacted by childhood cancer, and throughout the month of Septemeber, The UpBeat is “Going Gold” by sharing childhood cancer resources and personal stories to support families impacted by pediatric cancers.

Podcast co-host Roxanne Doche, CoachArt’s marketing director, has first-hand experience as the mom of a childhood cancer survivor. Her daughter Aleyna was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in 2012, and has benefited from CoachArt services.

“We want to create a safe, interactive community where parents can share their personal experiences and feel like they are supported and understood. When my daughter was receiving treatments for cancer, I wished for something like The UpBeat,” Doche said.

Childhood Cancer Resources to Support Families Impacted by Pediatric Cancer

Episode 3: Communication Tips for Families of Kids Impacted by Chronic Illness

episodeGreg and Roxanne sit down with CoachArt parent and board member, Elena, to discuss her family’s experiences with chronic illness. Her unique journey began when her son Brad was diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor at the age of 14.

Much of Elena’s guidance centers on communication. And sometimes it’s hard to take stock of all the avenues of communication that will experience stress as the family navigates their new path — between the diagnosed and their family; between the diagnosed and their peers; within the family including the diagnosed; between the parents of the child; and all other relationships that exist within and around a family. The article also features additional resources on communication when dealing with a childhood chronic illness.

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Episode 4: 3 Amazing Nonprofit Organizations for Kids Diagnosed With Cancer

roxanneCo-host Greg is joined by special guest host Elena, one of CoachArt’s board members (and our interviewee on podcast episode 3), as they sit down to chat with CoachArt’s marketing director, Roxanne.

Roxanne switches seats from co-host to interviewee and shares her experience with pediatric cancer. Her daughter, Aleyna, was diagnosed with Wilms tumor at age 6. Roxanne provides tips and advice on how to help your child navigate the social pressures encountered by children with chronic illness and tells a touching story of how a little note to a classmate’s parents led to a big gesture from new friends. The article provides childhood cancer resources for our nonprofit organizations in California, and throughout the United States, that assist families dealing with pediatric cancer.

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Episode 9: Resources to Help Deal With the Emotional Strain of Your Child’s Diagnosis

episodeCo-hosts Greg and Roxanne sit down with a very special guest Marc (Roxanne’s husband), to discuss the process of learning to cope with his daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

Marc opens up about what it was like to be there for their daughter Aleyna’s cancer diagnosis when she was 6 years old. He also shares stories of their ensuing cancer fight and gives tips on navigating the emotional strain of it all. You will also find our favorite resources for recognizing and understanding how people cope with a child’s diagnosis in different and equally effective ways.

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Episode 10: How Art Works as Therapy for Children Fighting Illnesses

nomiCo-hosts Greg and Roxanne are joined by Nomi, a CoachArt student who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in 2014. Now 16, Nomi beat cancer thanks to a bone marrow transplant from her sister. She’s here to discuss the emotional and physical journey of her illness and how art was an important part of that battle.

Nomi shares some tips on how to find an artistic and creative outlet and how it can help anyone, especially those impacted by chronic illness. Plus, find resources on the benefits of art for kids impacted by childhood cancer and other chronic health conditions.

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CoachArt and The UpBeat Podcast support childhood cancer awareness month, and families impacted by childhood cancer. How will you “Go Gold” for pediatric cancer this month? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

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