Building Strong Children

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A writing professor once told me that a writer is the sum of his experiences. To this day, I hold that very close to me and I always refer back to it when it comes to children. The experiences children have will most likely influence how they will view life as an adult. If children live their lives feeling isolated, secluded, and thinking that they just don’t belong, what type of legacy will we leave behind?  What’s the message?

CoachArt is here to show our children that they are not alone. They are brilliant and they are loved.

As I was explaining to a friend of mine what is it that we do here at CoachArt, he stopped me and said, “so it’s not really even about the activity that you’re teaching them, but about the way you make them feel while you’re doing it.” And that is exactly what it is. Of course, I think it’s awesome that our children can learn different activities and discover new passions, but making them realize that they’re special, can conquer anything they set their minds to, and know someone cares, it is those things that are more important.

Social activist Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

CoachArt does exactly this. We build strong children by providing them and their families with, as Kara Allen Soldati would say, “an in, instead of an out” and we achieve this with something as simple as helping them unlock a smile.

Erick Rodriguez – CoachArt Program Coordinator – Los Angeles Office