Behind the Picture: Sarah @ Angels Game

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Little Netzy shot me a shy smile from behind her mother as I greeted her and the Pineda family under a humongous baseball cap at the Angel’s Stadium. What a wonderful world it was to get a call from CoachArt to hear that your family was offered free baseball game tickets in a VIP dugout section with its own private lounge! And free soda!

But once we entered the bustle of the stadium, you could not keep Netzy off the walls. She had never been to a baseball game, let alone be eye-level with the field. At one point, I simply had to grab that bouncing bundle and carry her closer to the action, our faces pressed up against the netting. You could smell the dirt and actually feel the excitement like electricity in the air. The national anthem started to play and as we got our taste of some good old American tradition, I realized how uncommon this night must be for our CoachArt families, who are more used to going to hospitals for treatment and care.

Thanks to the generous donation of Debbie McCarthy of Tickets for Kids Charities and CoachArt, at least for that night, we were able to care for them.