5 Art Videos for Kids to Inspire Creativity from CoachArt Volunteer, Pam Peute!

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Looking for art for fun videos for kids? Keeping kids inspired with ways to express their creativity can be challenging, especially while we are all at home. Today we’ll share 5 art videos for kids that you can try together, and you’ll get to meet the creator of the videos, CoachArt volunteer, Pam Peute!

Since 2001, CoachArt has matched children impacted by chronic illness (and their siblings) with volunteer coaches for one-on-one or group lessons in arts and athletics. CoachArt’s In Home Lessons have traditionally taken place in person, but in order to serve our community and keep kids connected during the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, our volunteer coaches are continuing to add magic to our students’ lives through virtual lessons, which take place online.

Using online tools such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype, CoachArt kids have continued to receive weekly lessons including arts and crafts, painting, drawing, cooking, basketball, and yoga.

Meet Pam Peute!

Art Video for Kids: Art at Home with CoachArt Virtual Volunteer, Pam Peute As one of our amazing Virtual Volunteers, Pam is mentoring CoachArt students impacted by chronic illness through virtual (online) art lessons.

Learn about Pam’s background in art, what she’s learned from her experiences volunteering with kids, and why she became a Virtual Volunteer with CoachArt. We’ll also be sharing a few of Pam’s art videos for kids to inspire “art at home” activities with your children or students! 

“Ever since I could afford my own scissors, I’ve been doing craft projects,” Pam told us. “I started making greeting cards in my 20s. I added glue to the mix and began making anything that caught my interest. These days I mostly do mixed media art, canvas art, and watercolor landscapes. The artworks I create mostly depict my emotions, and I add inspiring quotes on them like icing on cupcakes.

“I’m simply a mom whose kid began college and I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. I started volunteering at a local art studio for children, the I Heart Art Studio in Pleasant Hill, but they had to close due to COVID-19.

“Being quarantined, I needed to do something besides cook and do chores. And I missed interacting and doing art with children.

“Enter CoachArt! It was in my Facebook feed. I read the description and clicked on it. Virtual coaching is perfect for me. I was already video chatting and doing art with my nieces, who are 8 and 15 years old, among others. So CoachArt was right up my alley. The volunteer registration process was quick, and the tutorial videos were easy to comprehend. Before I knew it, I was matched with my first student! It’s been rainbows and butterflies ever since. Maybe a few bees, but I welcomed the challenge.

“All my previous volunteer work pertained to children and art. I do it to help children forget about their sadness or pains just for a moment.”

Art Videos for Kids: Creating Art at Home

Art Video for Kids: Art at Home with CoachArt Virtual Volunteer, Pam Peute After completing projects with her CoachArt student, Aleczandrea, age 12, who has asthma, Pam decided to post some videos online so other CoachArt volunteers, educators, and parents might be inspired to help kids create art at home. We think they’re great!

Pam told us what Stephanie, a mom with five kids, said about one of her videos: “Pam, your videos are great quality, I’m very impressed! I watched the ocean wave with pink clouds one. I’d love to try something like that with the kids. I love that you’ve been able to embrace your passion for art and help others enjoy it along the way.”

Pam said that if others have videos to share, she’d love to get ideas from them.

“It’d be great to have a group of art coaches where we can reach out to one another for support and inspiration.”

If you’re looking for some art ideas to try with kids at home (or virtually with students), here are 5 art videos for kids that you can watch today! Look out for more kids’ art inspiration from Pam on her YouTube channel, Crafty Ms. Pam. Each video is accompanied by helpful notes from Pam.

Finger Painting, Cutting and Pasting: Flowers Petals

This is a great way to introduce your children/ student(s) to warm versus cool colors. Finger-painting was preferred by my seven-year-old student, so use your preferred tool. Tips: Make sure the orange-pink paper is dry before cutting it into petals. My student drew her petals and then cut each one. This is also great on canvas.

Acrylic Painting: Sun and Ocean

In this short video, I used mixed-media paper (you can use canvas), black paint pen (black marker will work too), and acrylic paint (any brand will work). I used two kinds of paintbrushes: flat and round (you and your student can even use your fingers). This was inspired by the artist Robin Mead. It’s easy, simple, and can adapt to your student’s age. Doodling can be added.

Abstract Bookmarks

This one is a little more advanced. Kids age 12+ may be patient enough to doodle as much as I did . However, kids below 12 years old may enjoy the process. There are 10 steps that can be divided into two lessons. You are welcome to use any color you want and choose how detailed your doodles are.

Gel Stick Crayons: Sun and Ocean Waves

This one is simpler, and younger students 7+ might enjoy the blending step. I mainly used gel stick crayons here and baby wipes to spread the marks. It’s a great way to teach students about blending colors. Using gel crayons gave this a softer tone (compared to using acrylic paint). I used a very light hand and added more when I felt it needed to be darker. Your student will naturally go dark as the gel crayon glides on the paper so warn them ahead of time that it’s a slippery crayon. This art was inspired by Robin Mead.

Paint, Cut & Paste Pink Houses

This one is perfect for those who love cutting and pasting. I simplified the tree and houses so little ones can follow along. Students can get more creative with roofs, windows, chimneys, pathways, etc. The metallic brown paint I used here is optional. I made this as a greeting card but it’d be perfect as canvas art or just as is. Supplies used: card stock paper, acrylic paint, glue stick, scissors.

CoachArt understands that all kids can benefit from art, especially while we’re all at home. That’s why we’ve added Facebook Live Tutorials in addition to our regular programming for CoachArt families. All are welcome to join. No experience necessary, just a desire to create art and have fun! Tune in to CoachArt’s Facebook page to check out free live tutorials. Explore our archive of past tutorials here!


Give a "virtual high five" on National High Five Day (Thursday, April 19th), and $5 will be donated to CoachArt!CoachArt’s mission is to create a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Our vision is that one day every family impacted by chronic illness will be connected to a community of support and an opportunity to learn and grow together.

CoachArt offers free art and athletic lessons to chronically ill children and their siblings between the ages of 5-18. We currently serve the Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco Bay Areas, with more cities coming soon. If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, we invite you to fill out a student eligibility form or get in touch to learn if CoachArt is right for your child.


Do you have an artistic or athletic skill to share virtually with a child impacted by chronic illness? Become a CoachArt Volunteer.

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