8 Art Tutorials for Kids You Can Try Today

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Looking for fun and enriching art projects for kids to try at home? Arts and crafts are not only fun, but they help foster kids’ creativity and imagination. As part of our online programming, developed to keep CoachArt kids safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, CoachArt offers new art tutorials for kids and teens on Facebook Live every week. All are welcome to participate in our live lessons, and our past tutorials are always available on the CoachArt Facebook Page and YouTube channel after they are completed.

If you’re looking for some art projects to create with kids at home, here are March’s art tutorials for kids that you can try today! 

Facebook Live Art Tutorials for Kids: Create a “Yarn Painting”

March is Craft Month and we celebrated with two yarn-based craft projects. Coach Jess provided step-by-step instruction to teach kids how to make their own “yarn paintings.” Follow along to create a sun-themed yarn painting for Spring in the video lesson below — it’s guaranteed to be loads of fun! 


  • Multicolor yarn (We used red, yellow, black, and white.)
  • Liquid glue
  • Canvas (or piece of cardboard)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Duration: 34 minutes

Keep the yarn-spiration going! Yarn paintings are a great way for kids to get creative and use their imaginations! Want to try your hand at another yarn painting with Coach Jess? In our final art tutorial of the month, we created moon-themed yarn paintings to complement our sun-themed artwork. The materials are the same as our painting above, and we used yarn in shades of blue, black, and white.

Make a Moon-themed Yarn Painting with Coach Jess here!


Facebook Live Art Tutorials for Kids: Guided Painting Lesson

Coach Erick provided instruction for two guided painting lessons this month. Kids can follow along as he tells you what colors to mix and what brush strokes to make. By the end of the lesson, you’ll have completed your own rendition of the artwork. No experience necessary, just the desire to have fun.

To welcome the first day of spring, we painted artwork inspired by the spring equinox!


  • 1 Canvas Panel: we used 11″ x 14″ size, but any size works. (Substitute: cardstock/letter paper)
  • 2 Paintbrushes: one round and one flat (Substitute: Any paintbrushes)
  • Acrylic Paint: White, black, blue, red, and yellow (Substitute: Any colors you have. Watercolors work too!)
  • Paint Palette: paper plate or recycled cardboard
  • 1 Disposable Water Cup
  • Apron or clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

Duration: 1 hour, 17 minutes

Ready for another painting lesson? Paint everyone’s favorite Pokémon character! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, we painted our rendition of a Funko-Pop style Pikachu, complete with a Poké Ball. The materials are the same as our painting above; you’ll just need a pencil to sketch your artwork.

Paint Pokemon’s Pikachu with Coach Erick here!


Facebook Live Art Tutorials for Kids: Let’s Draw Together

Coach Byron led kids in a guided drawing lesson where we drew all the fun astronauts and scientists from “Among Us.” Kids will learn warmups they can do before drawing, and follow along with Coach Byron to create two colorful pieces of artwork! All you need is paper and something to draw with.


  • Blank paper
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

Duration: 27 minutes

Love to draw? Enjoy 3 more Facebook Live drawing tutorials from March on the CoachArt Facebook page!

Draw Fun Monsters with Coach Byron

Draw Tanks with Coach Byron

Draw Airships with Coach Byron



CoachArt believes that all kids can benefit from arts and athletics, especially while we’re all at home. That’s why we’ve added Facebook Live Tutorials in addition to our online programming for CoachArt families. Like and follow CoachArt’s Facebook page to stay updated and tune in for free live art tutorials for kids.

Check out our NEW Facebook Live schedule for the month of April! 




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