2019 CoachArt Highlights: Celebrating the Artistic and Athletic Accomplishments of Kids

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Since 2001, CoachArt has provided free arts and athletics lessons to more than 10,000 California kids impacted by chronic illness. These lessons, both one-on-one and in group settings, help bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives. They give chronically ill children (and their siblings) a safe space to learn and improve new skills, make new friends, and have fun.

This year, CoachArt kids participated in activities that included visual arts, media arts, performing arts, digital arts, group sports, yoga, bowling, rock climbing, museum workshops and tours, and much more.

Every month, our members of our community tell us what their favorite stories, photos, and moments are by engaging with our social media posts, so we’ve compiled some of your favorite posts into a brief video of moments from 2019 that showcase the artistic and athletic achievements of CoachArt kids!

2019 CoachArt Highlights: Thank you for Bringing Smiles!

“Thank you to all of our supporters, donors, board members, partners, and volunteers for your commitment to improving the lives of kids impacted by chronic illness with CoachArt! Your support helps kids to think about themselves not as just patients, but rather as artists, athletes, and musicians.”

-Greg Harrell-Edge, Executive Director, CoachArt

Making a Difference for Families Impacted by Childhood Chronic Illness

Since 2001, CoachArt has matched volunteer coaches with students for one-on-one or group lessons in arts and athletics. Our vision is that one day every family impacted by chronic illness will be connected to a community of support and an opportunity to learn and grow together.

CoachArt offers free art and athletic lessons to chronically ill children and their siblings between the ages of 5-18 in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and San Diego. If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, we invite you to fill out a student eligibility form or get in touch to learn if CoachArt is right for your child.

Looking Forward to 2020, and Beyond!

Millions of kids impacted by chronic illness would benefit from free arts and athletics lessons, but can’t yet access them… so CoachArt is planning to expand our nonprofit services across the country in 2020. Together, let’s bring these programs to more kids! Join the campaign!

expansion-fund-campaignJoin the Campaign for the CoachArt Expansion Fund!

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