10 Ways to “Be Bold & Go Gold” for Pediatric Cancer

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1-232x300CoachArt supports Childhood Cancer Awareness month! 32% of CoachArt students are impacted by childhood cancer.

To help show our support during September, CoachArt is sharing pediatric cancer resources, stories from our community, and awareness tips on the CoachArt blog and social media. The UpBeat, Powered by CoachArt, is also featuring podcast interviews and articles to support families impacted by childhood cancer this month. 

Throughout the month of September, the entire United States comes together to honor and raise awareness for kids and families affected by childhood cancer. Wondering how you can get involved? Today, we’re sharing 10 ways to show your support for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and raise pediatric cancer awareness in your community.

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10 Ways to “Be Bold & Go Gold” for Pediatric Cancer

  1. Understand what it means to “go gold.”  The gold ribbon is an international symbol that represents childhood cancer awareness. The color gold is used to convey how precious children are and the resiliency of childhood cancer heroes. The gold childhood cancer ribbon stands for all types of pediatric cancers, whereas the variety of other awareness ribbons symbolize a specific disease. For more information on what it means to go gold, check out this great resource from American Childhood Cancer Organization.

  3. Use social media to spread awareness. There are a variety of Facebook frames and social media effects that you can add to your profile photos and stories. To use CoachArt’s custom frame in Facebook, simply click on your profile photo, click “add frame” and search for “CoachArt Gold.”

  5. Share your story of childhood cancer with CoachArt to be featured on The UpBeat. For consideration, email: TheUpBeat@coachart.org

  7. Take a photo in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Add a gold ribbon or Facebook frame and use hashtag: #CoachArtGoesGold. We will comment and share every photo that uses this hashtag.

  9. Share our infographic. CoachArt illustrated an informative infographic that helps draw awareness to the cause. Share this image on your personal and business social media accounts.

  11. Be bold and wear gold. You can find gold ribbon pins and t-shirts to show your support of childhood cancer awareness month. Oriental Trading Company has a variety of low-cost options, such as stickers and fun giveaways that are perfect for organized and team events. Many sports teams change their shoelaces to gold to bring awareness to the cause.

  13. Make a donation. A great way to show your support is to make a donation in time or money. Here is a list of organizations that provide resources to families impacted by childhood cancer

  15. Attend an event in your area. If you’d like to volunteer or participate in a childhood cancer awareness event, check with your local children’s hospital for recommendations. Children’s Cancer Research Fund invites you to attend any of their nationwide events scheduled for September. St. Jude’s hosts awareness walks/runs throughout the month as well. If you can’t find anything that works with your schedule, consider hosting an event. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a wonderful way to raise money for cancer research and a fun way to bring your kids into the cause. Friendraisers, or hosting a lunch, brunch or small party for your peers (with donations benefiting a childhood cancer charity of your choice) is another way to support the cause.

  17. Donate blood. The National Cancer Institute estimated that more than 15,000 children and adolescents in the U.S. would be diagnosed with cancer last year. Childhood cancer patients often require blood during chemotherapy, surgery or treatment for complications as these treatments can cause a risk for low red blood cell and platelet counts. Cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma also attack the bone marrow, which makes blood and platelet transfusions critical to fighting and surviving cancer. Refer to this article posted by The Red Cross for more information on how your blood and bone marrow can save the life of a child fighting cancer.

  19. Be an influencer. The most important thing we can do is do everything we can to spread awareness. Chances are, you know a family impacted by childhood cancer. These diseases are real and they are affecting our children, neighbors, and classmates. Create videos, blog posts and social media messages to draw attention to this cause. The louder we speak, the closer we get to finding a cure.

How will you “Go Gold” for pediatric cancer this month? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

Download the Free PDF Tip Sheet: 10 Ways to “Be Bold & Go Gold” for Pediatric Cancer!



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