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What does an Ambassador do?

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Becoming a CoachArt Ambassador

isn't just about spreading the word, it's about reaching the kids and families who could truly benefit from the generosity of people willing to share their talents and time with them.

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Jeff, Olympia WA

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Join us in celebrating victories and witnessing incredible tales of growth and perseverance! 🎉 As an Ambassador, you’ll unlock access to a private hub where you can connect with fellow members and stay informed about all programs. 🚀✨

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Ambassador and a Volunteer?

Anyone can be an Ambassador! You don’t have to be a current CoachArt community member to join. As a CoachArt Ambassador, you’re signing up to be notified of new stories and social media posts that we’d love for you to like, comment, or share! A CoachArt Volunteer, on the other hand, must fill out our volunteer registration and pass a background check in order to provide free lessons to CoachArt kids. If you’re interested in volunteering, find out more here.

As an Ambassador, you’re signing up to be notified of new CoachArt stories. We ask that you like and comment on the CoachArt Inspire hub and engage with our posts on social media. It’s as easy as that!

By interacting with our stories, you boost their visibility and spread the word about our free programs nationwide